5 Best and Safest Offline Children’s Educational Games

5 best and safest offline children’s educational games. Nowadays almost all children can use and even own a device or PC.

As a result, many parents complain that their children play online games too much, which weighs heavily on internet ratings. There are actually quite a few offline pc educational games for kids out there.

As the name suggests, this game is designed to provide education to children. This way they can learn in a fun way, because this is accompanied by play. Below are free offline PC educational games for kids that you can download.

Here are 5 Best and Safest Offline Children’s Educational Games Game

Babysitting Mania

Babysitting Mania is one of the best educational games for kids. This game is very effective in helping children grow and develop. In this game, children who act as gamers act as babysitters or baby guardians.

In the game the children were asked to look after some babies and then do household chores such as washing clothes. This game not only trains reasoning, but also makes kids do all their work in the allotted time.

Maze Book

The next free kids PC game is Maze Book. This game is very suitable for children aged 6-1 years and includes a very easy game. Because how to play it is also not complicated, so it can be played easily.

There are some interesting features of this Maze Book game such as: B. Judging skills, mysterious mazes and attractive colors. This game can be played offline.

Cake Mania 3

5 Best and Safest Offline Children's Educational Games

This game is perfect for training children’s thinking skills. You will act as a pastry shop manager and a reliable cook. While playing, they were asked to prepare delicious food.

However, the food must be ready before the game ends. You can download this free kids games for laptop for free and play them offline.

Coloring Book

This game trains children’s drawing skills and can even practice painting skills. Their imagination will be sharpened as they recognize new colors as they color. This game is free to download and available for laptops and tablets.
You can download this game for free from internet and play it offline.


This adventure game is great for kids to play as they are tested to survive as they go on a journey. You have to put items around it so that there is a path that can be passed to complete the mission.

With offline PC educational games for kids, parents don’t have to worry. They actually have a lot of fun learning and indirectly improving their skills. But parents still need to supervise so that nothing unexpected happens.

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