The Facts about Caesars Palace is Renovating Gold-Finished Main Entrance Casino

Caesars Palace has started with a makeover of the main entrance and Caesars Palace is renovating gold-finished. This renovation will cost millions of dollars. The lobby bar and casino floor with table games will also be renewed.

The first paperwork for the massive project was submitted in May. The PENTA Building Group, a construction group with offices in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Phoenix, will oversee the renovations that will last until New Year’s Eve. New pedestrian tunnels are already under construction to bring visitors safely to the resort.

Caesars Palace is Renovating Gold-Finished : Giant Statue

A giant statue of Augustus Caesar will replace the existing statue of three goddesses in the lobby and the water feature will disappear. Two gaming pits are planned on either side of the main entrance and the round table games area will be renovated.

The current lobby bar, which is just steps from the check-in counter, was last revamped in 2014. The main entrance will be rebuilt from the ground up to provide guests with a true arrival experience that matches the glamor of the iconic casino resort. There are currently 4,000 hotel rooms and suites, including the all-new Palace Tower with 10 luxury villas.

Caesars Palace is Renovating Gold-Finished : How did It Start

Caesars Palace brought a sense of grandeur to the Las Vegas Strip when it was built in 1966. Sean McBurney, Regional President of Ceasars Entertainment, is very proud to continue that legacy with a complete reinvention of the main entrance.

Caesars Palace was originally to be called Cabana Palace and then the Desert Palace. However, when the doors opened in 1966, there was no doubt about the name of the casino resort. The hosts dressed as gladiator and waitresses in Cleopatra outfits made it clear that this was Caesars Palace.

Caesars Palace is Renovating Gold-Finished : Rome Themed Hotel and Casino 

The idea to build a Rome-themed hotel and casino in the middle of the Nevada desert came from Jay Jackson Sarno, an Atlanta motel mogul. He worked hard building motels and was also fond of gambling. 

His wife once told a reporter that Jay once won 100,000 dollar and lost playing craps on the same night. This love of craps led him to Las Vegas where he dreamed of a casino far more glamorous than what the strip had to offer. Thus, in 1962, he began planning the resort.

Jay Sarno spent 24 million dollar on the casino resort. It was unlike any other resort in Las Vegas that immediately caught the attention of the general public. It had fountains and pools and staff in Roman themed uniforms.

The Roman tower, with 14 floors and 680 rooms, was the first tower of the now six hotel towers. Numerous celebrities, including Gene Kelly, attended the spectacular opening night. Singer Andy Williams then performed in the Circus Maximus ballroom.

Caesars Palace is Renovating Gold-Finished : Multiple Owners

Caesars Palace is renovating gold-finished, just three years after its grand opening, the luxury resort was sold to a hot dog stand owner. Starting as a hot dog stall, Lum’s Inc grew into a chain of more than 200 restaurants and bought Caesars Palace in 1969 for 58 million dollar.

Since 1971, Caesars Palace has had several owners, including ITT Shearaton and Hilton Hotels. The Palace Tower was opened in 1977. Four years later, the entire resort was renovated. In 2005, the 35-storey Augusta Tower was opened. This tower added 1,000 additional rooms to the resort.

The casino has attracted the attention of millennials since the shooting of the movie The Hangover in 2009. The casino has been frequented by both young and older visitors ever since.

The Octavius ​​Tower was a fact in 2012. In 2016 the Julius Tower was completely renovated and Omnia opened its doors as the new nightclub. Try playing with judi bola and win big money.

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