3 Important Things in Club 2000 Casino Game Slots Review

Club 2000 is the most famous casino game slots machine across the country and of course you can play Club 2000 online. You obviously want to know more, right? 

The Club 2000. Who does not know this famous iconic slot machine?. Of all the slots out there, and there are a lot of them, the Club 2000 is perhaps the best known. That is, in some countries, because across the border they look at you strangely when you talk about the Club 2000.

Therefore, they have no snack bars and Chinese-Dutch restaurants where in the eighties and nineties a Club 2000 was almost standard in the corner. Or even two Club 2000 slots side by side.

In addition, the online version is in some ways worse and in some ways better than the classic Club 2000.

Club 2000 Casino Game Slots Review

Casino Game Slots

1. How Does Club 2000 Work?

The online slot game Club 2000 is made by game maker Stakelogic and is called Club 2000 Deluxe.

If you start Club 2000 Deluxe, you will see not one but two slot machines on the screen. These machines are exactly the same and you can play on them at the same time, just like in a gambling hall. This principle is called Twin Player.

The minimum bet is $0.20 per spin if you only play on the left Club 2000. If you play on both slots, you pay at least $0.20 per spin twice.

You probably know the symbols from the Club 2000: cherry, lemon, orange, plum, grapes, strawberry, clover, melon, star, bell and a gold bar with the letters SLP on it ( S take L ogic P lay?).

Also known is the mystery symbol: the orange triangle with the letters Club in green. If you land a Club symbol on the first two reels, you will win 2-25 times your stake. Three Club symbols are worth 5-50 times your stake.

A feast of recognition are the sounds of this online slot machine: they are almost exactly like the sounds of the original Club 2000.

2. The Differences with Original Club 2000

In terms of looks and sound, the ‘real’ Club 2000 and the online version are very similar. However, in terms of gameplay, there are a few important differences.

The original Club 2000 has a ‘down game’ and an ‘up game’. In the lower game you play for 1 credit per spin. You only have one payline for the prizes to fall on. Only the Club symbols count criss-cross.

In the bottom game, after a spin in which you do not win a prize, you can hold one or more reels. The next spin will only spin the reels that you did not hold.

You can play 4 credits at the top of game. All symbols now count criss-cross, except cherry, lemon and orange. Holding on is not possible in the top game. Also, don’t gamble head-on.

In the top game, a maximum of 200 credits can be placed on the Club Meter. If you get those 200 credits, the top game stops and the credits go ‘down’ again. 

If you shoot through the 200 credits, you will lose everything above 200. The online slot machine Club 2000 Deluxe actually only consists of the top game. So you can’t double or hold rolls. Unfortunate.

What is better than the classic slot machine: there is no maximum number of credits that you can win.

The payout percentage (RTP) is also much higher than you are used to in the snack bar or gambling hall. Club 2000 Deluxe has an RTP of 95%, while the old-fashioned Club 2000 has an RTP of around 80%.

For the best chances of winning, it is therefore better to play the Club 2000 online.

3. The 1000 Spins

For its slot reviews , we always played 1000 spins, in this case with the minimum bet of $0.20 per spin, but on both slots of the Club 2000 Deluxe. Therefore, a total of $0.40 per spin.

We didn’t have such high hopes for the online Club 2000. And playing on two slots at the same time, isn’t that a bit tiring?

That last one is okay. With such a simple game it is doable, even if the game on the Club 2000 Deluxe is rather fast. It is good to pay attention to see what you win and with what.

Also nice about the online Club 2000 is the big chance to win 25 times your stake, with three melons, bells, stars or gold bars. We have 15 times such a beautiful combination.

4. Conclusion

Many people want to play their favorite Club 2000 casino game slots. With the Club 2000 Deluxe you bring that slot machine to your phone, tablet or computer, including the original sounds. Nice! Don’t hesitate to join playing judi online on your favorite site.

We find the online version of the Club 2000 a bit more boring than the classic slot machine, because you only play the top game. However, the much better odds of winning make up for a lot and playing on two slots at the same time is surprisingly fun.

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