Is It True That Gambling in Islam Haram?

You decide to take a night out with your buddies after an exhausting day of nonstop work, and you find yourself in a nightclub or casino, where you may pass the time by playing a simple but entertaining game. Then, how is gambling in Islam?.

In addition, you may find yourself in the middle of a never-ending game of chance. Then, you either lose the money you’ve earned, no matter how much or make some money without doing anything profitable in return.

This is just one example of the so-called entertainment known as gambling. However, it can occasionally be much more than simple enjoyment, resulting in the loss of one’s entire life in a matter of seconds. 

Does Islam, on the other hand, allow its true believers to have such an experience? Well, you must take a look for the explanations. 

What Games is Forbidden in Islam?

All Islamic jurists agree that games involving particular tools of gambling, such as cards, backgammon, and other similar games, are prohibited if they are accompanied with betting. 

Furthermore, any type of game that involves betting is prohibited. Nonetheless, some academics argue that using unique gambling methods, even if not betting, is prohibited.

This is because everyone who engages in certain types of gaming may be accused of betting or appear to be doing so.

Why Gambling in Islam is Haram?

Gambling has numerous negative effects on one’s life as well as the society in which he or she lives, as many Islamic and non-Islamic thinkers have pointed out.

Gambling Has Bad Impacts for Financial Health of the Society and Social Security

“More than $5 billion has been wasted each year to gambling addictions,” according to a study conducted in the United States. 

In addition, the government has spent $40 billion on social services and creditor losses. 

According to this research, two out of every three gambling addicts will commit unlawful crimes in order to pay off their gambling debts. 

As a result, addiction has a significant impact on prisons, public assistance programs, and legal systems.”

Credit and job loss are just two of the many financial losses created by gambling on an individual, but they are not restricted to him/her and require society to care for him/her. 

Furthermore, when a game becomes a real-life lose or win, the player sees his or her opponent as a real-life foe who must be defeated.

As a result, feelings of hostility, selfishness, and anger spread across society. The evilness of this deed is further emphasized in the Quran: “Indeed, Satan uses wine and gambling to sow discord and animosity among you, and to keep you from remembering Allah and praying. Will you, then, give up?”.

The Impact of Psychological

Whether you win or lose in this game site, the consequences will be negative. What would you do if you were extremely fortunate and won every time you gambled?.

What would you do with your growing desire for money? Or with an ever-increasing drive to gamble to the point where you can’t think about anything else except gambling?. 

Losing has its own set of negative consequences: you lose your self-confidence and feel undermined, in addition to losing money that could be put to better use for yourself or your family.

Gamblers will unconsciously develop physical difficulties as a result of the pressure they are subjected to. “The stress of gambling problems occasionally creates health difficulties, for both the gambler and the family,” according to a study. 

Anxiety, sadness, and stress-related issues such as insomnia, ulcers, bowel problems, migraines, and muscle pains” are examples. In some circumstances, the mental stress caused the person to feel suicidal and wish to commit suicide.Now you understand why gambling in Islam is forbidden. Yes, it is because that activity has many bad impacts in human life.

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