Why Gambling is a Sin in the Quran, Here Are the Reasons

Why Gambling is a Sin in the Quran? Many people call games such as poker and blackjack a gamble. But what is the definition of gambling itself? Is it really fitting that gambling games is said to be a straight gamble?

This article will review the meaning of gambling according to Islam and the explanations that support it. Thus, it is not difficult to distinguish whether gambling is included in the sin or not.

Maybe after that you can decide on whether or not you still want to gamble. To keep it simple, gambling is of course a sin. But what is the real reason behind it?

Rules on Why Gambling is a Sin in Quran

Gambling in Islamic rules is commonly referred to as maysir. Or there are also terms such as qimar which are “transactions of two parties for the possession of a good or service that benefits one party and harms the other by linking the transaction to an action or event”.

In modern terms, gambling contains an element of “zero sum game”. Where the victory of one party can only be achieved by losing the other party.

There are many other arguments regarding the prohibition of gambling in the Quran and hadith. Therefore, it is not lawful for a Muslim to use gambling as a tool to entertain himself and fill his spare time.

Likewise, gambling games are not lawful as a means of making money in any situation. In fact, if you think about it, gambling is detrimental, because the chance of winning is mathematically very small. Especially if players and bookies make deals without face-to-face and transparency like online gambling.

Indeed, there are many logical and scientific reasons behind this prohibition or recommendation in Islam. One of the real downsides of gambling is addiction. This means that the game of gambling will encourage the losing party to repeat again and again, in the hope that perhaps he can cover previous losses.

On the other hand, the winner is also interested in repeating it because they want to enjoy the delicious taste of the victory without hard work. For people who have become addicted to gambling, there is absolutely no desire to quit. In fact, the less his income.

The more eager he is to pursue elusive victories. Gambling players are forever busy with their games, so they forget their obligations to God, themselves, and their families.

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How A Win is Another Man’s Lost

Ibn Hajar al-Makki said, “Maisir are all forms of betting.” Al-Mahalli said, “The form of betting that is prohibited is anything that is doubtful, whether it may be possible to gain or even to lose.” This is because there are no certainties when you are playing the game of gambling.

There are two kinds of maisir, maisir lahwi play is a game. And then there is maisir qimar, in which maisir is a bet. Which includes playing dice, chess, and all games that neglect (for example, playing cards, pent).

First, the price of the item is a standard price, meaning that the seller does not increase the price of the item for the sake of gifts. If the seller increases the price of the item for the cost of purchasing a gift, then this is an illegal bet.

Second, the buyer does not buy the item expecting a gift. If someone buys an item simply hoping to get a gift and has no other purpose for buying that item, then this is among the forms of wasting wealth.

God prohibits humans to be wasteful. Instead that good money can be donated or given to other people. This is probably the main reason why God prohibits gambling. It is for the better sake of the people themselves.

Are Lotteries a Sin Too?

Lottery according to language is as-sahm (part) or an-fate (share, fate). As long as the word is known as lottery, then it is also known as gambling. Hence making it a sin. But it is not really a sin in which you do not put money. Lotteries are usually prize money given for free to you. You do not need to put a sum amount of money into the winning prize pool.

Which is something that is used to determine or vote. Such as to determine who has the right to something, who played first. So a lucky draw is a lottery with a prize, a lottery that gives prizes to the winner. Hence making it not sinful at all.

Lottery is a custom that has been in effect since long before the arrival of Islam. But the lottery that was in effect during the era of jahiliyyah was people who did the lottery to find someone’s good or bad luck and was done in front of their idols.

In today’s world of commerce, there are also many buying and selling of goods with a system of prize coupons for the purpose of promoting their merchandise. With the intention that consumers are interested in the goods offered by business actors.

The activities in the lucky draw involve the organizer, usually a government or private institution that is legally licensed by the government. In addition, there is also an element of contributors, namely people who buy coupons expecting a gift.

While the activities of the party administering the lottery prize coupons are circulating coupons. One of the functions of distributing coupons is that the funds obtained from donors can be calculated.


Gambling is a sin, unless you do not wager or put any bet. Such as lotteries and door prizes. These are just a normal form of entertainment and it is known to be halal. That is all about today’s article and we hope that this article has helped you. Be sure that you understand the rules in Islam.

There are a few things or two that you might want to keep in mind after reading this article. Which is to stay away from any type of gambling to be safe.