How to Overcome Online Gambling Addiction

There are many variations of gambling games on the internet today we must have How to Overcome Online Gambling Addiction. Starting from the types of poker gambling, online slots, lottery gambling, soccer, casino and many more. The facilities offered are so pampering. So it is not surprising that now more and more people are addicted to online gambling. How to deal with online gambling addiction is an important topic that must be discussed.

How to Overcome Online Gambling Addiction and the dangers it causes

How to Overcome Online Gambling Addiction

Most people who are addicted to playing online gambling clearly have a significant impact. You also have to have a way how to overcome online gambling addiction. Not only will it drain the contents of the bag. But it will also have an impact on physical, mental and life in general. So what are the signs and dangers of online gambling addiction?

  • Can’t stop playing. Suppose you place an occasional bet or are just looking for entertainment. You will never be addicted. Especially for now, there have been many gambling agent sites that provide “Free to Play” and “ID-Trial” features. So that you can try to play without having to spend a penny.
  • Always play beyond your capabilities. Players who are addicted to playing online gambling often involve large amounts of money. They even include money for basic daily needs, money for their children, and even go into debt.
  • This is one of the dangers when someone is addicted to playing online gambling . You can also be in debt that you don’t know when it will finish.
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  • The next sign is that playing is not just looking for satisfaction or pleasure. Suppose you were only playing for entertainment. Using a capital of Rp. 10,000 is enough. But for gambling enthusiasts or not looking for entertainment, it’s like eliminating a problem. This only leads to the emergence of new problems. how to overcome online gambling addiction ?
  • Always trying hard to cover the total defeat. If you are addicted to gambling, every time you lose, you will return to betting.
  • The goal is to get back the loss money that has been experienced. In fact, it is not impossible that you will place a 2X or much larger bet. Surely this will only provide a greater risk of experiencing multiple losses.
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  • Gambling has always been the top priority scale. If you really are much more concerned with gambling than life or family. Then this is a sign if you are addicted and you must know how to overcome online gambling addictionBecause usually, addicts will prioritize gambling over everything. This is what kada triggered a rift between households and families. how to overcome online gambling addiction ?
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  • Unstable emotions. Although initially playing gambling provides entertainment and fun or triggers adrenaline. However, in the end gambling can create new problems. One that is often experienced is the emotion due to frustration, often losing.
  • So, if you ask whether gambling can damage the brain and mentally? This clearly answers that question. Because indeed joining one of the online gambling sites is not a solution to life’s problems. But it will only make you create more problems. How to overcome online gambling addiction ?

Then how How to Overcome Online Gambling Addiction?

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If you already feel addicted to online gambling, then want to get out of the shackles and repent. Here are some How to Overcome Online Gambling Addiction! Especially to get out of this “black” world.

  • The first step how to overcome online gambling addiction is admitting that you are addicted or addicted. This step also simultaneously admits if you really have a problem. Gambling addiction is just like anything else. For example addiction to drugs and drugs. To fix all of this it takes your awareness and the desire to stop.
  • second step How to Overcome Online Gambling Addiction, please ask for support from colleagues or remove. Some problems such as addiction to gambling are not things that can be solved alone.
  • Furthermore How to Overcome Online Gambling Addiction With the support of colleagues / relatives, you will also get lots of suggestions. You also have a person who always reminds you when you want to go back to playing.
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  • Avoiding the gambling environment is How to Overcome Online Gambling AddictionBecause being in that environment will always make you tempted to keep playing it. You may also need to uninstall Facebook (FB). Why? This is because in this social networking site, there is an Online Poker game feature Even though it is not played using real money, this will also lure you to play the card gambling.
  • How to Overcome Online Gambling Addiction, Please look for new positive activities or activities. Make sure the activity really attracts you. So that later you can forget and stop thinking about the world of online gambling. For example, channeling his hobby of fishing, jogging or other sports.
  • How to Overcome Online Gambling Addiction, The last is to ask for help from professionals. I wish you were still so difficult to stop gambling. Enlisting the help of professionals is the best solution to stop this bad behavior. A number of professionals who are recommended are physiotherapists or through a doctor’s prescription. Of course this can be a solution for you to stop the habit of playing online gambling .

How to Overcome Online Gambling Addiction from Online Sites That Are More Addictive

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The increasing number of gambling agent sites on the internet, it is natural that the number of enthusiasts for this game. Moreover, these agent sites also provide so many conveniences to make it easier for people to access the world of gambling.

In the modern era like now, online gambling has also arrived in the mobile version. Where later someone can enjoy the game only with an Android cellphone or iOS / iPhone only. This is quite dangerous because there are no restrictions for people to access the gambling site.

The organizers claim to be an official and trusted gambling game provider, on the other hand it also promises big profits as a lure.

This is the lure that ends up making more and more people addicted.

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How to deal with online gambling addiction is an important topic that must be discussed.

Even some online poker sites also provide supporting features that make the game more challenging. Not only that, they give the lure of a high chance of winning even though they are not.

Not only that, when you play on one of the online slot sites , Live Casino features are offered. This feature allows a player to see firsthand the progress of the game. You will see a beautiful dealer figure who will guide the game. All are designed in such a way as to lure the players for long gambling.

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With this Live Casino feature, you will really be tempted and made to feel like playing live in a luxury casino abroad.

Not only is it given a realistic impression, this Live Casino feature makes players feel even more confident that the game is 100% fair without engineering.

For online slot gambling enthusiasts, now there are lots of game machine site providers that are indeed interesting. Slots are gambling games that offer convenience in playing and offer the promise of big profits.

The promised large jackpot amount is the reason this game is so popular. And that is one of the reasons many people are addicted to gambling.

Being on an online slot site , you are tempted by a wide variety of games. So that later you never feel bored to continue playing it. Until you become mentally attached and you will unconsciously be in a position to lose everything.

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Government Efforts To Reduce Online Gambling Business

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In Indonesia, the world of gambling is still considered illegal and even criminal. Gambling players in Indonesia are deemed to have violated the law. Criminal sanctions and imprisonment always haunt gambling players in the country. So many bookies have been forcibly closed by the Indonesian government.

Even so, this has not dampened the slightest bit of interest from the Indonesian people to continue playing it. It is not only considered challenging and capable of being a solution to solving economic problems. Some also think that through gambling, they can strengthen the ties of brotherhood.

Especially in the modern era and technological developments in the country, the world of gambling can now be accessed much more easily. Now one can enjoy all types of online gambling games.

So that the Indonesian people can still play more safely and comfortably. That’s what makes the number of people who are addicted to online gambling has not decreased in the slightest.

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Finally, the government wants to block online gambling which is now increasingly prevalent on the internet using Newsletters and Positive Internet. The government’s goal is to stop gambling activities. Because online gambling damages the brain and mental of the players. Until finally more and more Indonesian people are experiencing problems. Other criminal acts such as theft and robbery are increasingly happening.

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Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest soccer supporter base in the world. That is what makes a football betting bookie in the country grow so rapidly.

Because indeed not a few people consider soccer matches to be much more exciting and challenging when they are at stake. Because when the team that is championed wins, a football connoisseur does not only get happiness.

They will also have an income expectation in an instant. So it is not strange if the world of online gambling in Indonesia remains difficult to eradicate.

Stop Playing Gambling To Be Happier

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However, after reading this article, of course you already know what bad consequences can occur when you continue to play. So that you finally start to think again, especially when you want to try to dive into this “black” world. The reason is, you will only experience a lot of losses when you really do it or even get addicted to wasting money .

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Although it cannot be denied, the world of gambling promises a very large amount of profit. This advantage can indeed be obtained without having to sweat a lot or capital. However, in reality, you will only experience huge losses and create new problems when you dive.

Because it can not only damage your brain and mentally, the world of online gambling will also destroy your life. Therefore, when you really feel you have the characteristics above or have entered the addiction phase.

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Immediately try to quit using some of the steps or tips above. Because there are indeed a lot of bad effects that can be caused when you are addicted to online gambling.

Even though without plunging into the world of online gambling, you will be able to live a much happier life than before. In fact, you can achieve glory more easily and what is no less important is “lawful”.

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