Stars of Orion Slot Review (High Volatility | RTP 95.0%)

Are you a fan of an online slot machine? Hm… You should read our Stars of Orion slot review here! Orion, the huntsman, is one of the most well-known constellations in the night sky, visible from wherever on Earth. Orion is so prominent that people have been staring up at it from their campfires for at least 32-38,000 years. 

We know this because a picture of Orion from that period was discovered in the West German Ach valley, carved out of mammoth ivory in his likeness. People from all across the world have left records to Orion in some way or another, in addition to Europe.

The galactic huntsman now appears in ELK Studios’ Stars of Orion online slot game, though not for the first time. This game combines ELK’s gravity concept with X-iter modes, cluster wins, a Magic Meter, and a variety of other features.

An Interesting Game: Stars of Orion Slot Review

While Orion lights up the sky, ELK has set up shop on Earth in a Stonehenge-style setting, complete with standing monoliths topped with lintel stones and the like. 

People flock to view the dawn or set during solstices to see the sunrise or set in specific spots. So, were these locations cosmic stone calendars, complex burial grounds, religious sites, or a way for local rulers to show off their power? 

It’s unlikely that we’ll ever know for sure. Stonehenge, for example, is now a significant magnet for millions of tourists who roam about in awe from a safe distance.

Stars of Orion Slot Review

1. Volatility and RTP

Stars of Orion is a highly volatile slot machine that may be played on any device from 20p to £/€100 per spin. Its action takes place on a grid with six columns each holding eight symbols. 

This classic slot rewards when clusters of at least five matching symbols are linked to each other, anywhere on the panel, in a first for the gravitation series. 

This brings up new possibilities for the grid that haven’t been seen in previous gravity games. Winnings activate an avalanche process and fill the Magic Meter. The 95.0% RTP is the final point to note when it comes to the precise technical side.

2. Pay Symbols

The symbols in Stars of Orion, like those in IO, are a little out of place in their settings. There’s simply something about them that makes them stand out like a sore thumb, and not always in a good way. In any case, the low-pay symbols are four colored orbs, while the higher-paying symbols are birds, wolves, deer, and sevens. 

Clusters can have up to 15 matching symbols, with prizes ranging from 35 to 200 times the stake. Furthermore, wilds can appear anywhere on the screen and substitute for all pay symbols; if a cluster of wilds appears, they are worth the same as the highest premium.

3. Stars of Orion’s Gameplay

Avalanches, Super Symbols, the Magic Meter, Magic features, two bonus games, and five X-iter modes are just a few of the features of Stars of Orion, so let’s go over them one by one.


The avalanche feature, which activates the gravity mechanic, removes each winning cluster off the grid. New or existing symbols fall down the left or right sides of the gaps, perhaps forming more clusters. Avalanches will repeat until no additional wins are won.

Super Symbols

A Super Symbol can be any symbol that pays. They’re identifiable since they’re encased in blue frames. If Super Symbols join with another winning cluster during a winning, all winning symbols become the most valuable including symbol type.

Magic Meter

Winning symbols are gathered in the Magic Meter on the right side of the game grid, in addition to causing avalanches. Win multipliers ranging from x2 to x64, as well as additional Magic features, are activated at specified points.

Free Drops

If you get three bonus symbols, you’ll get ten free drops. The Magic Meter’s progress is persistent in free drops; it is not reset between spins. There’s a chance bonus symbols will be surrounded by a red frame. 

These are extremely valuable bonus symbols. If all of the triggering bonus symbols are super, the super bonus round is triggered, earning 10 free drops with a larger chance of seeing Super Symbols.

X-iter Mode

Players can buy from five different game modes on the X-iter menu.

Final Thoughts 

Like past gravity games, Stars of Orion didn’t simply grab us by the scruff of the neck. Something about it didn’t seem quite right. Perhaps it was a reaction to the Druidic concept paired with the symbols that seemed out of place. 

Overall for this Stars of Orion slot review from pokerclub88 site, we shouldn’t judge a book, or a slot, by its cover, and a closer look reveals that ELK has added a number of welcome features to Stars of Orion, making it one of the greatest gravity games to date.

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