The technique of playing Dominoes to be easy to win – to be able to win in a domino game is not easy if playing without special techniques. This game is a game played by many people plus currently, this game is played with an online system where we need to install an application. It’s on our android.

Domino is a game of 4 dominoes for each player. It is the same thing with the game Domino Kick if in a regular live game local people call it the game Kick-Kick or Domino Kick but the game designed with this online game is called Domino.

For how to play it is the same as Domino Kick. But to play online is more exciting because in addition to being exciting and interesting you can also get a bonus called a deposit bonus, turn over bonus, or referral bonus. Playing at pkv judi qq is very profitable for you because the game is interesting and easy to win. For an explanation of the bonus, we will explain in the next article yes. Now we will discuss how Technik plays Dominoes to easily win.


Basically, the games played online are very interesting and very easy to play even to get a win is very easy, but it is all needed with the technology to play. That’s right. If you play it with the origin, then you will be plunged into defeat.

Here are some Technik playing Dominoes to easily win:

1. Prepare Enough Capital

First, you have to prepare enough capital. because in this game will not always you get good cards, usually in this online Domino game there are certain hours to get good cards, then, Therefore, try to prepare enough capital.

2. Fold If You’re Not Sure About the Card

Second, when you play and find cards that you think are less convincing, then you do not always follow the game. Try to think and make a decision to fold which means, when we play and find cards that you think are not sure to win, then do fold. If you don’t want to have a bad defeat

3. Buy the Jackpot

Third, try to buy the jackpot so that when you get a special card you can feel the jackpot prize victory whose value is said to be quite large.

4. Don’t Be Easily Provoked by Opponents

 Fourth, when you play regularly there are opponents who often fish by raising a pair and you also raise the pair, this is what usually makes many domino players lose, generally, when there are players who raise a pair at the beginning of the game usually, they have a less good card, but to bluff you then Therefore they do by raising the couple so that you feel down and stop to follow the game.

5. Patience and Focus

Lastly, of the four techniques above is the most important thing is patience in playing, because if you are impatient in playing, then destroy you inside, not the Win what you get, but even the defeat you get. Why is that? Back to technique number 1 earlier, we should prepare a capital that quick up to find a good card that we will find because this good card there are times certain to get out and you can get it. Therefore, try to be patient in playing and try to focus on not playing while you are doing other work.

Well, that’s the technique of playing Dominoes to easily win, so the discussion about this article is hopefully useful for those of you who play, and hopefully with this article will help you. to achieve victory. /Aha

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