Zillard King Slot Review (Red Tiger) RTP 96%, Medium Volatility

In this Zillard King slot review, you will figure out how the game works. We did a quick online search to see whether ‘Zillard’ had any hidden cultural value that we didn’t know about. 

Unless the link is hidden deep on page 2 of Google, it appears that Zillard King from Red Tiger is simply a Godzilla want to be who has avoided the time and price of obtaining a license. While Zillard King isn’t a branded slot or a comical slot, it does conjure up a huge lizard rising from the water to destroy a coastal city. 

The rules of the real-money slot are simple: collect money to improve the wild symbol and unlock an additional reel. That’s all there is to it; there are no bonus games in this area.

Zillard King Slot Review: An Intriguing Game

If a big lizard came from the sea on a mission of destruction, it would most likely do it on a day like the one shown in Zillard King. A storm is brewing in more ways than one, with black throbbing clouds, crackling lightning, powerful winds, and a heavy sea. 

A generic city may be seen in the backdrop, blissfully unaware that it is soon to be destroyed, while the water appears to be threatening. It’s all a bit of a rip-off, but hey, Red Tiger did a good job of ripping it off, and the game was entertaining for a few spins.

Zillard King Slot Review

1. Paytable about This Slot

Zillard King is played on a five-reel, four-row game grid, with the sixth reel serving as a progress meter for collecting coins. The online slot game may be played on any device and players can place bets ranging from 10p to £/€20 each spin. 

It’s also medium/highly volatile, with a 96% return to player value. At 3,800x, the potential isn’t great, but given the way Zillard King is set up, with no bonus game, however, the payouts aren’t poor.

To win, players must land winning combinations of at least 3 of a kind across 30 fixed paylines. If you play long enough, you’ll be able to play the sixth reel, which exclusively shows high-paying symbols. 

Compasses, gas masks, choppers, and orbs are worth 3-15 times the stake if you get five of a kind, and 6-30 times the stake if you get six of a kind. The 4 card suits (clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades) payout 0.6 to 1.5 times the bet for five of a kind and never appear on the sixth reel.

2. Game Features

For your slot guide, Zillard King’s main goal is to earn gold coins in order to unlock Zillard Wild expansions. Gold coins can be found at the bottom right corner of any symbol on the game grid at random. If gold coins land with the same spin as a Zillard Wild, they are collected and the Zillard Wild Progress Bar is moved forward.

Zilliard Wild

To complete winning lines, the wild symbol can be used to replace any paying symbol. The Zillard Wild is improved in three ways once gold coins are collected:

  • After collecting 30 gold coins, Upgrade 1 transforms the Zillard Wild into a full reel 14 size symbol.
  • After collecting 60 gold coins, Upgrade 2 appears, which adds a random multiplier to the Zillard Wild.
  • Upgrade 3 comes after collecting 90 gold coins and makes Zillard Wild sticky. It stays trapped on the reels until it wins one spin, then spins again without winning.

The win multiplier rises to x20 for every consecutive win it takes part in. The Zillard Wild gets taken from the reels and reset after the first non-winning spin after at least one winning spin. 

The Progress Bar changes into a sixth reel once all three upgrades have been completed. Only high-paying symbols — no low-paying symbols or wilds – can appear on this reel.

Thunder Wild

When a Zillard Wild symbol appears but no win occurs, he has a chance to roar, bringing Thunder Wilds onto the game grid, earning a winning. If five reels are active, you’ll get 3-6 Thunder Wilds, or 3-9 if the sixth reel is activated.


Zillard King was a lot of fun to play for what it was. Red Tiger has combined an upgrade feature with some cinematography to create a slot that seems like it belongs in a video game. Red Tiger has a soft spot for slots that improve over time as you play them, unlocking new features as you do so. 

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This is a strategy with benefits and drawbacks, and in Zillard King’s case, the rewards outweigh the disadvantages. 

Some may claim that putting in a little work to get to the greatest parts isn’t worth it, but Zillard King’s journey was half the enjoyment, and progressing through the upgrades didn’t take an awful lot of time. That is site with Zillard King slot review for you.

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