How to Get A Double Zero Roulette Table in Casino [Top 5 Best Tips 2021]

Have you ever been confused how to get a double zero roulette table? Perhaps, you may have asked some people about it. However, you can have clear explanations within this article. 

If you go to a casino in some countries, you’ll notice that roulette tables often have a 00 (double zero) in addition to a single 0 on them (the zero). 

Some judi qq casinos also have such roulette tables with a low minimum bet. American roulette is another name for this type of roulette.

Get A  Double Zero Roulette Table in Casino

1. How Does It Works

The rules of roulette with a double 0 are almost identical to those of regular roulette. The only difference is the wheel (cylinder).

The roulette wheel with a double zero has 38 pockets instead of 37 (36 numbers plus the zero) (37 numbers plus the zero and double zero). The numbers are all the same color as in regular roulette, but they are distributed differently across the wheel.

2. Betting Option

Not only are the game’s rules the same. Except for the double zero, the tablea (the betting cloth) is also identical.

You have the same betting options with American roulette with 00 as you do with European roulette: A number, two, three, four, or six number combinations, Dozens of columns, columns, columns, columns, columns, columns, columns, columns, columns, columns, columns Simple odds (1-18/19-36, red/black, odd/even).

On a win, all bets pay the same as in regular roulette. You will be paid 35 times your bet if you bet on one number (straight up) and that number comes out. 

Your original wager is still in play, giving you a total wager of 36 times your original wager. This is also true if you wager on zero or double zero.

You lose your money if you bet on a single chance and the zero or double zero falls.

With this American roulette variant, there is an additional betting option: the first five numbers. 

This is a wager on the numbers 0 through 3, 1, 2, and 3. You do this by placing your chip in the 0 and 1 corner of the tableau. You will be paid 6 times your stake if you win this bet.

On an American roulette table, you cannot play the well-known combinations of zero game, big runs, small runs, or even orphelins because the numbers are in a different order on the wheel.

3. The House Edge

The house edge on almost all bets in American roulette with double zero is 5.26 percent. Only the first five (0-00-1-2-3) have a 7.89 percent house edge.

The house edge in regular European roulette is 2.70 percent, which is almost half as low!

What happened to cause that? Because of the extra box with the double zero (00), your chances of winning are lower for all bets, but the payout is the same as in regular roulette.

As a result, roulette with a double 0 is among the casino games with the lowest payout percentage.

4. Tips Double Zero Roulette

Playing roulette with a double zero is a bad idea. Choose a table with one zero instead. This reduces the house edge by nearly half.

If this is the only type of roulette available, then skip the first five games (0-00-1-2-3).

5. Zero Roulette Tips 

There are roulette tables in some casinos with three green spaces: the zero, the double zero, and the triple zero. A logo is frequently used in place of the triple zero. As a result, the wheel has a total of 39 spaces. It’s like a hyper-American version of roulette.

In triple zero roulette, the house edge is 7.69 percent. There’s only one piece of advice on how to get a double zero roulette table: move quickly!

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